Social Media Questions: Do I need a Facebook Page, a Google Page or a LinkedIn profile instead of a website?

Facebook’s advantage is that it is fast and easy to set up.  In less than 60 minutes, you can be on the web with a unique FB address.  There is no cost to set up the page.  They have built-in tracking features and promotion (should you choose to set up an account and pay for the advertising).  There is a reason they are so popular: people know how to use the site, what to expect, and how to connect to other users.  This is a big advantage and Finestkind Web Design recommends a Facebook presence for most of our customers.  Whether it should be your only website is a whole different issue however.

Social Media Pros and Cons

Social Media Advantages:

  • Easy to delete if you find it has outlived its purpose or causes more frustration than good.  (Beware however that deleting an account may require a wiating period.)
  • Messages are less formal and customers are more likely to engage by sending a Facebook message without having to fill out a form.
  • You have control over your look and feel; your branding will improve if you tend it frequently and put a face on the business.

Social Media Disadvantages:

  • Cookie cutter templates: your social media page has only so many options and variations on the ways it can look. 
  • You cannot add features they do not yet offer such as a custom shopping cart or embedded fixed media. 
  • Lack of control over customer feedback may lead to surprises on your page if you leave the posting of comments unrestricted.  Customers may choose to use social media as a soapbox from which to air their grievances.
  • Dumbed down website analytics: the social media mavens only share part of the picture.
  • Your content must conform to the social media rules for the site in question.

For most businesses, you should have a website as well as a social media page.


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